"The End of Living Large: Weight Loss in MicroSteps® When You have a Lot to Lose," 

by Sue Speake, LMFT was published in 2015 and is available on Amazon.

" MicroSteps® Therapy: A Simple Tool to Get You Unstuck and Moving Forward "

by Sue Speake, LMFT is coming soon. Publishing date pending.

" MicroSteps® Therapy Workbook:  A Simple Tool to Get You Unstuck and Moving Forward" 

by Sue Speake, LMFT is in the works. Publishing date pending.

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"The End of Living Large..." doesn't just end the obesity, but engages readers on a journey to end the cycle of low self-esteem and insecurity that come with it.​

Sue has lost more than 115 pounds and kept it off for over five years. She is still losing slowly, in MicroSteps® getting closer to her target weight daily. Read about Sue’s journey to a healthy, average size body in The End of Living Large. She shares her secret and her joy!


Weighing 315 pounds and humiliated in a world obsessed with thin, Sue Speake struggled to lose weight only to give up, believing she was destined to the misery of obesity.

Deftly written and personal, Speake shares her testimonial of tried-and-true methods to losing weight, achieving health, and building a foundation for a happier life. ​

  • Take back your power over what you eat without going on a diet.
  • Achieve and maintain a HEALTHY, AVERAGE SIZE BODY.
  • Lose weight using MicroSteps® that you can live with forever.
  • Manage Habits, Routines, Rituals, and Traditions to avoid regaining weight.
  • Feel good about yourself, your body, and your ability to control your weight.

Unlike the technical jargon often found in diet books, Speake offers something fresh and practical that doesn't set unreachable goals or force unrealistic eating habits. Rather, she teaches a fresh mindset with guiding principles that everyday people with everyday obstacles can benefit from. Join Speake in reaching your health and weight goals while delighting in her down-to-earth style and real-life lessons.